DPD is a Paper-Free Practice!

Bend is considered one of the most beautiful and coveted places to live in all of the nation. With immediate access to high desert lakes, world-class hiking and mountain biking trails, all Bendites share a passionate love of the outdoors.

Deschutes Pediatric Dentistry’s efforts to reduce its environmental footprint by transitioning to a paperless medical records system is just one way we aim to serve our eco-conscious community. We love Bend and are doing everything in our power to keep it green.

At Deschutes Pediatric Dentistry, patient safety and security of information is our highest priority. In 2013, we made it our goal to operate from an entirely paper-free office. We use dry erase boards for new patient forms in place the old paper registration forms. We are training our staff on a brand-new software system that eliminates our need for paper filing and storage, thus expediting the time it takes our staff to recall patient information.

The far-reaching benefits of going paperless places DPD on the cutting edge of dentistry and better secures the privacy of patient information: our number priority. Going paperless saves our staff time in recalling patient records and stores information in a virtually indestructible new digital filing cabinet. Even if a fire broke out and destroyed the office and all the computers we use for patient medical records, we’d still have patient records on file in a reliable offsite backup.

Our staff is responding well to the transition of becoming a paper-free practice. They are dedicated to learning an entirely new system is for the benefit of improved patient experiences, faster billing of insurance companies, and clearer communication across the board.

Here at Deschutes Pediatric Dentistry, we are the best option in Bend because we put the safety of our patients first. Check out our Facebook page for additional tips and updates on what’s happening with us, or just stop by the office on Chandler Avenue and say hello. We love seeing you!

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