Healthy (and delicious) Halloween candy alternatives

With tooth decay topping the charts for the most chronic disease among children, it’s important to address how we can prevent cavities before they happen. Here at Deschutes Pediatric Dentistry, we do everything in our power to preserve the function and structure of your child’s teeth. Read more about our Conservative Treatment Philosophy here.

But we need your help! How? As keepers of the snack jar, it is a parent’s unique role to choose what options are on the table. This is no small task, as many parents are juggling competing priorities and may find it hard to squeeze in the fresh fruits and veggies between grab-and-go processed foods.

Now is the time to help kids build up healthy tooth enamel, and there’s no greater enemy to developing teeth than sugar. See the kinds of foods that contain the most sugar, on average here:


We want to educate our patients and parents on strategies to prevent tooth damage and decay. So here are a few ideas we suggest to help you and your child make wise snack decisions for strong, healthy teeth:

Limit between meal snacking (which increases your child’s risk for cavities) by offering high protein options for meals including dairy, meat and/or fish, and nuts.

Skip ordering beverages (and the added sugars) when you’re eating a quick meal out with the kids, by sticking to water.

Rise with water or give your child a slice of cheese after consuming a sugary treat or beverage. If no toothbrush is available, this alternative helps to neutralize some of the cavity-causing acids in your child’s mouth.