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Post-Op Instructions


  • Have your child bite on the provided gauze until bleeding is controlled, which may take up to 30 minutes
  • Remember that your child’s cheek, lips and tongue may be numb for approximately 2-4 hours after the procedure
  • Avoid sippy cups, bottles, and pacifiers for the first 24 hours after the procedure. The sucking action may cause prolonged bleeding
  • Avoid salty, spicy, acidic or for the first 24 hours as this may irritate the extraction site. Also avoiding small foods like nuts, rice and things with small seeds as these can get down into the socket and be difficult to clean out. Cold and/or soft foods are a great choice (i.e. ice cream, applesauce, mac and cheese, etc.)
  • Administer children’s Tylenol for any discomfort
  • Do not allow your child to participate in strenuous activity for the first 24 hours as this may increase bleeding from the extraction site
  • A small amount of oozing is normal; however, if bleeding becomes heavy have your child bite on a gauze or tea bag for 15 minutes

Stainless Steel Crown & Space Maintainer:

  • Your child will be numb so please follow the post-op instructions for numbness
  • To seat the crown or spacer correctly, work must be done just below the gumline; therefore, expect your child’s gums to be sore for 2-3 days. Your child’s gum tissue may bleed upon brushing for the next few days. To help with healing, keep the area clean by gently brushing two to three times a day and flossing
  • It may take a few days for your child to adjust to the crown or spacer. Do not let your child pick or pull at the crown or spacer as continuous force and pressure can pull it of
  • Your child should avoid sticky, hard candies (i.e. taffy, suckers, starbursts, caramels) for the life of the crown or spacer. Although it is cemented on to the tooth structure, these sticky foods can cause the crown or spacer to become loose
  • For any discomfort, Ibuprofen is recommended

Resin (Fillings):

  • If your child is numb, please follow the post-op instructions for numbness
  • Avoid sticky, hard candies and chewing on ice to prevent breaking the filling or crown
  • Avoid using front teeth (if filled) to bite directly into hard food such as apples, carrots and corn on the cob
  • It is important to note that resin fillings are prone to recurrent decay (new decay around the filling margin) and it should be brushed and flossed like a natural tooth
  • For any discomfort, Ibuprofen is recommended


  • The sensation of being numb after the appointment is typically the most challenging aspect for a child to understand ⦁ It may take 1-4 hours for the numbness to wear off
  • Avoid eating foods that require much chewing (a soft food diet is recommended) 
  • Monitor your child closely so that he/she does not bite their tongue, cheek or lips
  • In the event that your child does bite a lip/cheek while numb things that can be done to help healing are warm saltwater rinses and Motrin for discomfort

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